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The Major League of Youth Football







Updated for 2015

Player & Cheerleader Registration

All players/participants are required to provide the information as indicated above for inclusion in the Federation & Team Books. Players should be prepared to register with the Federation and participate in the Federation's scheduled official weigh-in sessions. All Federation fees must be paid in full by the official weigh-in of all players.


Official Registration/Weigh-In Sessions

The official weigh-in session will be scheduled by the Federation in accordance with registration/weigh-in processes under development. A make-up session will be scheduled just prior to the first scheduled game. If a player is not registered by the make-up session, then he/she will not be allowed to play until the 2nd make-up session which will be scheduled the week after the 2nd scheduled game week, thus missing the first two games. Under no circumstances can a player play in a sanctioned Federation game/event without going through the official weigh-in process. Illegal participation by a player not officially registered by the Federation will result in a forfeit of any games played.


Registration Forms (Football Players & Cheerleaders)

Participant Registration Forms

Player Advancement Waiver Form (For Players Moving Up In Age Division)


Original Birth Certificates - PARENTS

Because an original birth certificate is required for our proof of age requirement, we have partnered with a US Birth Certificate service in Austin, Texas to assist parents with acquiring this vital information.  TX-DPS.com has been a trusted provider of birth certificates and other government documents since 2004.  You can obtain your child's birth certificate by ordering online for only $55.  Order your child's birth certificate now!


Members of other sports programs or adults may also use our service to obtain birth certificates as well. This is a service generally needed by everyone at some point for school, athletic/sports programs, employment eligibility, etc.  

Organization/Team Registration

Each organization/team is required to maintain a team book of registration information. Copies of these books should be available at the applicable game field for player verification upon request by the opposing coaches and/or any Federation official.


Organization/Team Participant & Staff Registration Sheets

Football Player & Cheer Participant Roster Sheet (To be completed by Team Administrator and submitted to the Federation)

Team Staff Roster Sheet (To be completed by Team Administrator and submitted to the Federation)

Staff Registration Form (To be completed by Team Staff Members and provided to Team Administrator)


Federation Books

Please note that the League will maintain a complete original book of players that shall include the following:

(1) Original Federation Registration Form (Must be signed by parent)
(2) Original Waiver/Release Form(s)
(3) Original and Copy of Participant Birth Certificate * (originals will be returned)

(4) Current Participant Photograph (original only)
(5) Official Team Roster

(6) Copy of Most Recent Report Card


Team Books

Team books must include the following:
(1) Copy of the Federation Registration Form

(2) Copy of Participant Birth Certificate *

(3) Copy of Participant Photograph (or original)
(4) Copy of Official Team Roster (can be obtained from Registration Director)

 * A United States Passport or State-issued ID Card may be used in lieu of an original birth certificate.






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